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  • 09.06.2020

The Ban Hammer has struck!


today the development Team of Drakensang Online permabanned users that exploited a bug in our game to gain advantage towards other users. Those who willingly and intentionally abused this glitch to reach impossible and economy breaking amounts of valuable items must bear responsibility for their actions and face the consequences. Their actions clearly violated our Terms and Conditions:

1.2.9 The use of programming bugs and/or errors to achieve personal gain is strictly prohibited. Any identified bugs or errors should be reported immediately via the Support contact form.

Furthermore, the degree of this violation was so massive that nothing else than a permanent ban is justified.

Did we detect and ban everyone that used the bug? Most probably not! We had to focus on the ones that exploited to a certain extent. Due to the special circumstances the bug occurred and the high variety of items and amounts that could be gained, we had to make sure that we do not ban users that experienced the bug but didn’t use it intentionally. However, we reserve our right to continue banning more users.

We are already working on improving our tracking to be able to swing the ban hammer faster and more precise in the future, although we hope there is no need! ?

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Your Drakensang Online Team