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  • 13.04.2022

Patch #1 for Release 254

Dear Heroes,


Tomorrow, the 14th of April, the servers will go under maintenance for the first patch of release 254 to be deployed.



Start Countdown:

09:30 am

Start Maintenance:

10:00 am

Maintenance finished:

10:30 am

all times are in UTC+8



•    The Anxiety Keeper talent has been changed, now it increases Anxiety Shards drop stack of all rarities

•    The overall drop rarity and drop rate of Anxiety Shards have been increased

•    The pet effect of Bug-collecting Jabbax and Arachna Doll has been changed

•    Damage of the Night Eater in Sargon’s Shadowfort has been decreased

•    The amount of enemies in Sargon’s Shadowfort has been reduced

•    The Potions Mixologist, Elixir Mixologist, Tonic Mixologist and Physic Blender achievements have been fixed

•    The amount of collected i-Boards, needed in the quest Flames of War 3/4, has been fixed

•    Dragan event has been reworked and mythical set items have been added to it

•    Dragan mini event has been added (available for characters on Level 80 or above)

•    Easter event has been reworked

•    Dragan’s Incensed weapon has been added as a guaranteed drop from Dragan in first run in Great Hall


Your Drakensang Online Team